The Art Market: Past, Present & Future

Auction houses, art market, Sothebys, Christies, Bonhams

26 May – 23 June 2021
Wednesdays 10.45am - 12.45pm
The University Women’s Club, 2 Audley Square, London W1K 1DB
Dr. David Bellingham
Full course (5 lectures) £260.00
Single lecture £63.00
(includes morning coffee, tea and biscuits)

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Why is a Leonardo painting worth over $450 million?  Can we be sure that it is by the hand of Leonardo?  The art market currently accounts for $60‐70 billion per year and, in spite of the global recession, continues to grow. The new millennium has witnessed the globalisation of the art market, with the emerging economies of China, Russia, Latin America increasingly competing for art with the established western nations of the USA, UK and EU, as well as with the new art‐collecting habits of the Middle East.  The art market is now headed by the USA, followed by China and the UK. This five‐lecture course will study the historical factors which led to the current boom in the collecting and display of art in public museums, galleries and foundations, as well as in private residences.  It will look at the established auction houses and commercial galleries, as well as at the recent explosion of art fairs across the world and the growth of interest in the buying of contemporary art on the primary market.  All art market sectors will be covered, from antiquities through Old Masters, to Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary.

The art dealer Carl Jodocus Meyer, Carl Rahl
Bonhams Auction House Modigliani Cariatide

Course outline

History Of The Art Market From Prehistory To 1999

This lecture will trace the origins of today’s flourishing art market from prehistory to the 20th century, with the development of art collectors, dealers, agents and auctions in the ancient Greco‐Roman Mediterranean, Renaissance and modern worlds.

The Art Market In The New Millennium

Here we will focus in more detail on the first 20 years of the new millennium, with its economic boom in the 2000s, accompanied by the exponential growth of contemporary art sales and art fairs, through to global recession in the 2010s.

International Art Markets: Is The Art Market A Global Market?

This lecture will discuss the similarities and differences of different national art markets, from the traditional western nations of the UK, USA and Europe through to the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Art Market Sectors: From Antiquities To Contemporary

Today we will look at the traditional categories of art market activity as defined by major auction houses and galleries: antiquities; old masters; nineteenth‐century; impressionist & modern; post‐war & contemporary.

The Future Of The Art Market

The series concludes with a lecture which summarises historical and recent art world developments and suggests where the art market is heading during the next century.