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20th Century London: A City in Flux

Imperial London, London County Council, Philanthropy, London Underground, BBC, Hampstead, City of London, NHS, Festival of Britain, Barbican, Festival Hall, Pimlico, Silver Jubilee, Canary Wharf, London Docklands
19 September 2018 – 13 March 2019

The Art of Dress in Literature, and Life

Faerie Queene, Elizabeth I, Spenser, Olivier, Greer Garson, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Frith, Rossetti, Millais
20 September – 4 October 2018

A History of German Art

Schongauer, Durer, Cranach, Holbein, Elsheimer, Mengs, Friedrich, Menzel
25 September – 27 November 2018

Japanese Art & Modern Culture: Japan’s Influences on Western Art

Helan Culture, Buddhism, Shinto Arts, Samurai Culture, Bushido, Japanase Tea houses, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Bauhaus, Kimono, Rinpa, Ukiyo-e, Edo era, Manga, Hyper-Japan
11 October – 29 November 2018

Homes and Gardens

Castles in the Middle Ages, Renaissance interiors, Elizabeth I, John Tradscant, Palladianism, Grand Tour, Wedgwood, Chippendale, Bath, John Nash, Queen Victoria, the Shard
8 January – 12 March 2019

The Decorative Arts of Europe 1500-2000

Renaissance decorative arts, Baroque furniture, silver, porcelain, gold, c.18th France, Industrial Revolution, Arts and Crafts, Bauhaus, c.20th design
10 January – 28 February 2019

Art & Critical Analysis

Vasari, Alighieri, nude sculptures, Venetian Art, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini, Vermeer, Hogarth, Ruskin, Pre-Raphaelites
30 April – 2 July 2019

The Aeneid

The Aeneid, Virgil, Trojan inferno, Carthage, Queen Dido, Laocoon, Troy, Helen of Troy, Creusa, Jupiter, Mercury, Anchises, Sicily, Palinurus, Sibyl, Deiphobus, Circe, Pallas, Turnus, Juno, Fury Allecto, Deiphobus
1 May – 3 July 2019

A History of Art in Ten Colours

Cennini, Da Vinci, Kandisky, Monet, Van Gogh, Hans Arp, Georgia O’Keefe, painting colours
2 May – 4 July 2019

Rhythm of a Russian Dance Theo van Doesburg 1918

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