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Course title Select course Full course Indv. terms Indv. lectures Number
Art & Critical Analysis £399 --- £59 /lecture
The Aeneid £499 --- £59 /lecture
A History of Art in Ten Colours £499 --- £59 /lecture
Princely Patronage In The Italian Renaissance £499 --- £59 /lecture
London: The People Who Shaped A City £998 --- £59 /lecture
Leonardo Da Vinci: The Life of the Universal Man £499 --- £59 /lecture
The History Of Russian Art £499 --- £59 /lecture
Transformation As Art, Ovid’s Metamorphoses £499 --- £59 /lecture
Art, Life & Literature on the Cote d’Azur £449 --- £59 /lecture
The Art Of Venice £300 --- £59 /lecture
Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal £499 --- £59 /lecture
The World of Print £200 --- £59 /lecture
The Course Card (September 2018 – June 2020) £590  (10 sessions)
After purchasing the Course Card please inform us as to which sessions you would like to attend using the Contact Us page.